Want to join me in making a difference? I am raising money to benefit No Lost Food, and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause which means a lot to me.

More information about No Lost Food: No Lost Food's mission is to reduce food waste and hunger in our community. Our partnerships and infrastructure allow us to collect fresh food--including perishable items and prepared foods--from donors and quickly redistribute them to shelters, low-income families, and homeless El Paso, Juarez & Dallas communities.

No Lost Food is a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization. No Lost Food is a food rescue team locally run in El Paso & Dallas that strives to reduce the food that ends up in landfills and redirects food to those who are food insecure families, shelter homes, and homeless people. No Lost Food rescues any food in any amount from bakeries, restaurants, stores, distributing centers, parties, and events. We also have many other projects that help the community.

The first project started by NLF is Shop as needed Pantry program. NLF will not make food boxes for each family. People can come to the pantry on certain Saturdays to pick and choose the items as needed.

The second project was to provide scholarships for low-income family students. In the journey of food rescue, we found out some of the low-income family students are financially struggling to get into college after high school. As an effort, we have some sponsors to provide the scholarship to the El Paso region High school.

The third project is the "Senior food assistance program" to support elderly people who cannot get governmental benefits.

With your generous donations provided by this campaign, No Lost Food will be able to extend all our projects to support the communities we serve.