What is No Lost Food?

No Lost Food is a 501(c)3 Tax exempt nonprofit organization locally run in El Paso, & Dallas Texas. We are a food rescue team. 

What is the Motto, Mission, and goal of No Lost food?

Our Motto is " Save Food, Reduce hunger" Our Mission is " The surplus food we receive as the donation will be fed to the hungry stomach not the landfills" Our goal is " Minimizing the amount of food waste that goes to landfills."

What is food rescue?

Food rescue is the practice of gleaning edible surplus food that would have otherwise gone to waste from bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, events, parties, etc., and distributing it to local hunger relief organizations like No Lost Food.

What good does food rescue do for the environment?

Food rescue is highly effective because the food is redistributed to low-income food insecure families, reduces food waste, and minimizes the amount of food that goes to landfills.

How is No Lost Food different from a food bank or food pantry?

No Lost food utilizes a direct distribution system. We pick up food and deliver it to our charitable beneficiaries on the same day. We do not store or bank food because we work primarily with perishable products. Direct distribution helps to ensure access.

How does anyone donate food to No Lost Food? 

Send us a message on Facebook(Or) Instagram. Facebook Dallas (or) Instagram Dallas Our food responders will assist you through the donation process. 

Why don't more restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores use food rescue?

Bill Clinton enacted the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act on October 1, 1996. It is not widely known. It's a federal law. It is a common misconception that surplus food MUST be thrown out. This is in, fact, not the truth.

Is it safe to donate and or receive any rescued food? What about the liability in donating any food?

Yes! It is safe to donate and receive food. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act was passed into law by congress in 1996. This act will protect nonprofit organizations like No Lost Food. If you donate any food in good faith to the organization, then there is no liability.

What type of food does No Lost Food rescue?

No Lost Food rescues any amount and any type of food right from cooked, uncooked, perishables, shelf stables, etc.,

What if the rescued food is not good for human consumption? What happens to the food after that?

At No Lost Food, we follow a food waste hierarchy. A quality control check will be done as soon as we receive the donated food. If the food is not for human consumption, we will send it to animal feed. We will have another quality check. If the food is not for animal consumption, we will send it to the composting sites. The very last resort would be to send it to landfills.