About Us

Our Story

In 2017 this was the dream of Preetha Rajkumar, a college student at the University of Texas at El Paso. She loves food and always thought that food is a basic right for everyone. When she started to see so many people struggling to put food on their plates, Preetha started to look into ways that could help these people. She knew that many organizations dealt with trying to feed to food insecure population, but there was something that was not adding up in her mind knowing that 40% of edible food is being discarded. After a long time of looking into ideas, she heard about Food Rescue and found out how this method could help resolve two problems at the same time. 

That was when Preetha started to gather support among her friends and found a few people who were very interested and ready to help her start the organization. Victoria and Maria helped build up the organization in the initial days and then came Esteban who joined in. These four were the main people who got this organization up and running. On May 14th of 2018, No Lost Food was officially recognized as a non-profit in the State of Texas. 

No Lost Food started by collecting 4 plates of food from a Faculty event at UTEP to now working with multiple individual donors, stores, bakeries, restaurants, and more. We will keep on growing and help Save Food, Reduce Hunger with your support and help. 


Our team makes sure food doesn't go to landfill and is redistributed to feed people in need


Our team strives to and will continue to work towards the goal of reducing food waste and feeding the food insecure population. We will redirect food to fill people's plates and not our landfills.